Meditation Timetable & Liturgy


You are invited to join in online with meditation sessions via Zoom every day at The Hermitage. Our normal weekly timetable and links to the liturgy we use can be found at

We have regular morning and evening sessions as well as other practice sessions throughout the day.


If privacy is important to you remember you can choose to have your camera on or off when using Zoom, just adjust your settings using the camera and microphone icons when you connect.

Please always mute your microphone when joining the session and turn off your camera if you are moving around, so you don’t distract others.

WE WILL BROADCAST WHENEVER:¬†We are sitting, there is someone to operate the camera, there isn’t a retreat taking place and the internet service permits


You can click the icon at the top of the screen to enable or disable your camera or microphone.

If The Hermitage isn’t streaming you can join each other in sitting. Please be sensitive to each other and try not to disturb their practice if you come in the room late.

Switch off your speakers during the session, so that you aren’t disturbed by the noise from others’ laptops.

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