Join In


There are various ways you can join in with activities here at The Hermitage.

Become a Member

If you sign up to Lama Shenpen’s distance learning course Discovering the Heart of Buddhism, you’ll become a member and part of the community that orbits around The Hermitage here in North Wales. Members studying within the Sangha then have access to a wide range of additional courses, retreats and practice days that are held here and around the UK, will build friendships and strengthen connections that enrich their study and practice.

Meditate & Practise Here

If you’re local to The Hermitage it’s possible for you to join us in person for our daily meditation sessions in our lovely shrine room, and attend our full moon feast offerings and other practices we hold here regularly.

We frequently also offer mindfulness classes for beginners as well as meditation and teaching days open to all. Drop us a line if you’d like to come and join us and view the Events page for our upcoming event dates.

Tibetan Buddhist Feast Offerings are held here every full moon & at the end of retreats and large Sangha events


We hold regular larger events at The Hermitage including regular meditation and teaching days that are open to all, as well as longer courses and retreats. Our meditation mornings are perfect for those new to meditation as we can provide guidance from trained mindfulness teachers. On these days you are welcome to stay for as little or as much of the weekend as you wish, you’re welcome to stay on after the meditation morning for a teaching by Lama Shenpen in the afternoon. See our Events page or visit our main site. You can also join us on our Facebook Page to be notified about these regular events.



Fridays are our volunteer days, where members of the Sangha and the wider, local community come and help out at The Hermitage. We always need a hand in the garden, with site maintenance and odd jobs. If you’d like to join our merry band of volunteers please get in touch!

Dharma Training Residency

Do you feel inspired to take your Dharma practice to the next level? The Hermitage invite applications for our Dharma Training Residency. This is an opportunity to deepen your Dharma practice by living and practising full time at The Hermitage, for a six-month period.

The aim of the Dharma Training Residency is to encourage students of the Awakened Heart Sangha to deepen their connection to the Mandala of Awakening and to increase their competence and confidence in meditation, Dharma study and all areas of their Dharma lives.

In addition, they will contribute to the spiritual energy of The Hermitage and through their ‘Work as Practice’, help to support the needs and aspirations of the whole Awakened Heart Sangha.

Applicants would ideally (but not necessarily) have a daily meditation practice and have been an active participant in the Awakened Heart Sangha for at least one year. More importantly, we encourage applications from those who feel a genuine connection to Lama Shenpen and her teachings.

Local Groups

We have a growing number of local Awakened Heart Sangha groups around the UK where members of the Sangha have set up meditation and/or study groups in their local area, led by a senior student or mentor. Find out if we have a group in your area by visiting our Community page attending a local group is a great way to meet members and find out more about the type of meditation we practise and our training courses.

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