Buddhist Meditation Retreats in North Wales
Our retreats include teaching, study, meditation, silence and personal practice time

As a dedicated Retreat centre we can provide retreats for individuals or groups. We have a beautiful, tranquil setting here on the edge of Snowdonia, away from main roads and only four miles inland from the sea.

The Hermitage can accommodate up to 25 people on group retreats, or several solitary retreatants at any one time. We organise regular group retreats for our members throughout the year but we can also accommodate other organisations.

Our group retreats combine teaching, study and meditation practice. We also end the retreat with a feast and a pilgrimage to one of the wonderful nearby sacred sites. We document these on our website

Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Centre North Wales
View from one of our retreat cottages

If you would like to come on an individual retreat, you will need to make an appointment to talk with Lama Shenpen first. Some retreatants come for a few days or a week, others stay for months or even longer. All retreatants are expected to be under the guidance of Lama Shenpen while they are here, even if they have other teachers. We also have residency placements for up to six months. See the ‘Join In’ page for more details.

If you’ve never been to The Hermitage before and would like to discuss arranging a retreat or just wish to find out more, pleaseĀ drop us a line.


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