Important Announcement

In light of the current events, the Management team, in consultation with Lama Shenpen and the Hermitage team have made some decisions that will affect many sangha members.

We are closing the Hermitage doors to all visitors for April, May and June. This means that some events are going to be online only, others cancelled or postponed.

We have decided that the best way for us to care for Lama Shenpen and the team that support her, is for Lama Shenpen and Tara to go into a retreat mode starting next week. We are still working out the practicalities but essentially the idea is to isolate them from the other workers and volunteers at the Hermitage. We have a plan in place to mitigate unnecessary risk for the next three months, while infection rates for the COVID-19 are still rising or any other change that makes us reassess our position.

We feel that for the time being it is safest to join together as an online Sangha only.

We hope to meet our shared need for meeting, practicing, learning and sharing time through creative online participation.  Please check the events page for details.

We will evaluate the situation in line with Government advice, but we hope you all understand the need for caution and decisive action right now.

All meetings and retreats – online participation only.

Please see for more information
Check this website – for updates

For the sake of those living at the Hermitage, please do not come in person at all until we have reevaluated the situation in a few weeks and make further announcements.

Warm wishes,

The Hermitage Team

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