Tree Planting

Tree planting sustainable woodland Glastir Buddhism North Wales

Earlier this year, thanks to a grant from Glastir – the Welsh Government’s sustainable land management scheme – we were able to plant 5700 trees on 2.4 hectares of the land here, that surrounds our Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Centre near, Criccieth, Gwynedd, North Wales.

With help of an experienced forester, we planted a mix of native trees including Sessile Oak, Rowan, Grey Willow, Alder, Blackthorn, Aspen, Wild Cherry, Hawthorn, Hazel and Crab Apple.

As well as the planting, we had to protect the new saplings from neighbouring livestock with plenty of extra fencing.

Tree planting sustainable woodland, Tibetan Buddhist Centre North Wales

It’s going to be wonderful to watch this view changing over the years into natural, sustainable woodland, to eventually to be able to walk and meditate among the trees, connecting to the nature on our doorstep during retreats here.




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