Buddhist retreat centre Gwynedd. North Wales
One of our many rooms for retreatants here at The Hermitage retreat centre in North Wales – just the curtains to put back up!

We had a busy DIY day here at our Buddhist retreat centre in Criccieth, Gwynedd! Residents Pati, Eli and Jayasiddhi we’re joined by our local members and volunteers Senge, Namgyal and Kamala to tackle the bedrooms and freshen up our Tibetan Buddhist shrine room.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work! We always need help to maintain the Hermitage and we’re lucky to have some local members and volunteers to join us and lend a hand.

We could always use a few more voluteers, so if you’re local or near to Criccieth, Gwynedd, here in beautiful North Wales, and would like to lend a hand at a Buddhist centre, we have volunteer day on a Friday – please get in touch!

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