Discovering the Heart of Buddhism


A few weeks ago we held the annual Discovering the Heart of Buddhism, weeklong retreat here at the Hermitage in North Wales. We had 27 attendees, so it was a busy Hermitage this week!

The retreat consisted of daily teachings by Lama Shenpen and assistant teacher Five, daily meditation sessions and Puja, silence, discussion and personal practice time.

Tibetan Buddhist Mandala Offering

The retreat ended with a mandala offering to Lama Shenpen to request transmission of the DHB course, and later on we had a feast to celebrate the end of the retreat and sticking to our retreat commitments.

Tibetan Buddhist Feast Offering

Following our very enjoyable feast, the next day we concluded the with a Buddhist pilgrimage to Cwm Pennant – a sacred site in Snowdonia. We always end our retreats with a pilgrimage to nearby sacred sites, as we are lucky to be surrounded by so many special places to visit here in beautiful North Wales.

Smoke Puja
Buddhist pilgrimage in North Wales – smoke puja and shrine

We have a separate blog all about our pilgrimages to holy sites in Wales, read more about our Buddhist pilgrimages, rituals, practice and the different sacred places we visit at

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